The owners' manual for the Daf 33 was issued to every new owner. The archives at the Daf Museum have kindly given permission for it to be reproduced here. This is a copyright publication, and any requests to use material contained should be addressed to the museum. Click on the image to browse the manual.

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The Daf 33 description from a 1972 advertising leaflet "DAF the complete program". Note the quoted 50 mpg on regular grade petrol for the 33. That may be a little optimistic but shows that, even in the early 70s, fuel costs were becoming a selling point.

According to a govenment research paper petrol in 1972 was the equivalent of about £2.60 a gallon (58p per litre). During the 70s oil crisis it rose to just over £4 a gallon (89p per litre). I couldn't find any headline-grabbing prices in old-money to compare so these figures are in todays "real terms", allowing for inflation. You have to wonder what the original owner of our daf would have thought of the current £5.22 for a gallon (115p / litre)!

Click the pic to see the rest of the Daf range of the time. They all seem to have aged a little better than the models' fashion sense...

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Scans of a two-car test published by The Autocar in Feb 1970 between a Daf 33 and a Honda N600 Automatic. I have made several attempts to trace copyright on this article, but received no reply from the publishers. I'm therefore posting this in good faith. If anyone has reason to ask for its removal, please email with details.

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