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Terms of use for dafmobile.ournet.org.uk


Damage, injury and loss:

Any technical information posted on this site is offered in good faith in the hope it might help other car enthusiasts.

Some of the techniques used are not "standard" procedures or even, necessarily, what the car industry would consider good practice. Several are ways that I've found, by experiment, to of getting round the complete lack of dealer support (including tools and many parts) when running cars from companies that no longer exist.

As such, it's hoped that they may help site users overcome similar difficulties but no responsibility is accepted for any harmful results of applying them including, but not limited to, vehicle damage, personal injury or death.

Before considering using (or adapting) any of the information on this site, users should satisfy themselves that they are competent to undertake such work and also competent to identify any associated risks in their particular case.


Copyright issues

Good faith attempts have been made to identify, and obtain permission for reproduction, from the owners of any non-original material included on the site. In particular, this applies to items found in the Literature section.  Unless otherwise indicated on this site, any permission granted does not extend to users of dafmobile.ournet.org.uk reproducing such material external to this site so anyone wishing to do so should make efforts to obtain their own permissions.


Original material copyright

All original material is copyright J Horner as of the date of posting, unless otherwise stated.

Such material is provided free for personal and educational use but not for commercial publication.  It would be appreciated if personal or educational users provide reference to this site along with any reproduction of material so that it's source can be identified but this is not mandatory.

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