Rust Repair - How not to!

I came across this while looking at an old copy of the AA Book Of The Car 1970.  Inside it's ultra-modern, machined-aluminium effect cover it has over 400 large pages of useful hints, tips and information for the modern car owner.


AA Book of The Car 1970 Cover



There's a particularly useful section for older car owners on how to deal with dents and rust damage.  The following are the first 7 steps of their guide on how to deal with rust, using the example of a holed sill:


A sill with rust bubbles

Find the extent of the rust

Clean it all out

Cut your chicken wire to size

Ease it into the hole

Make sure it's fitted right!

Add filler to finish


Note that they suggest zinc-coated chicken wire or plate.  This is (presumably) to provide a truly professional job with long-term protection against future rust.




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