Daf 33 Wing Top Repair

One of the known rust spots on the A type bodyshell is the top of the front wings around where they meetthe windscreen scuttle.  Although not a problem in itself - filler is fine for MOT here - just under this point is the top of the lower A pillar and a strengthener for the inner wing.  Mud and road salt thrown up by the wheel can lodge in this area and rot the structural stuff as well as the wing.


In the case of Betty we'd filled the area as a temporary repair last year but it was time to do something more permanent.  So, first job was to attack it with an angle grinder, a flap disk and no mercy. I always hate this bit....



Having cleaned off the damage, a suitable piece of steel could be cut:

flat patch


and bent to rough shape:

rough patch


With something ready to take its place, it's time to attack the wing with a cutting disk. The flat bit below the scuttle was also a little grotty but the top of the lower A pillar and the strengthener itself were ok so they got a good dose of rust converter and a small flat plate was butt-welded in to give something for the main patch to join on to. After the photo, this plate was folded down and seamed to the inner-wing strenthener:

scuttle patch


The patch was then butt-welded in and the welds ground flush. At this point a small problem showed up. The top and back edges near the scuttle had been heavily lead-loaded at some point - apparently this was sometimes done in the factory to improve fit - so that area couldn't be welded. Hopefully it'll be firm enough from the other seams for the skim fill not to crack, otherwise it will be necessary to solder the edge of the patch to the lead.  For now I decided to take a chance:

patch fitted


The inside bits were all treated to seam sealer so they don't leak down into the A post or strengthener and the patch itself treated with POR metal ready which neutralises any rust on the patch and leaves an etched zinc surface ideal for priming over:

Seam sealer


A light skim-fill is added over the welds to smooth everything out:

Skim fill



Once the filler is dry and sanded smooth, it's time to paint.  Couple of coats of primer:

Wing primed


and some nice shiny new cellulose:



Sound paint over sound metal - so much nicer than filler and not all that much extra work!

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