Is it time yet?

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting our trailer tent ready for its first outing of the year.

Next weekend is the Rotary Club of Lichfield's Cars in The Park 2010 event and, like last year, Betty and Sheila will be in attendance.  Unlike last year, Isabel will also be there (now that her owner has passed her test) and Sheila will be pulling our home behind us rather than having it wrapped up in her boot.

In addition to the kitchen sink the trailer now has plumbed in 12v and 240v electricity / lighting and a fridge.  Now all I need is confidence that poor old Sheila with her bodgeneered camshaft is up to the job of getting it there and back.

Putting that slight worry to one side, I can't help asking (about every 5 minutes)...


Is it time yet???

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