A small and completely unscientific survey

After my camshaft bodgeneering on Sheila over the weekend I thought it might be interesting to see what other classic owners' attitude to such work might be.

So I posted a poll on the three main classics site I visit asking people to vote whether grinding a cam journal to fit a damaged block bearing was:

(a) A complete waste of time

(b) A bonzer job


(c) They'd kill me if I ever came near their cars


Although the polls were left open-ended, the results have now settled down and, overall across the three sites, are:

(a) 11.4%

(b) 72.9%

(c) 15.7%


Clearly, a large majority of owners on those sites (who expressed a preference) appreciate the need to, sometimes, use ingenuity in keeping our cars running.  That result is backed up by some of the exemplary bodgeneering of their own that some other members of Retro Rides admitted to in their answers to the poll.

From welding cam lobes (been there, done that, thought I was the only one) to filling holed pistons with countersunk screws and using a screenwash pump to pump petrol after a fuel pump failure (not sure I would have thought of either of those!!!), the art of bodgeneering is clearly alive and well!

Curiously, while the Triumph Dolomite Club were slightly less sympathetic to this sort of repair,  Daf Owners were actually 100% behind it.  Maybe the willingness to try alternative solutions is in inverse proportion to the availability of spares for a given marque?

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