18 months and counting

It's now 18 months since Betty came back on the road and in tat time we've clocked up a total of about 16250 miles of classic motoring.  11500 of those have been in Betty, with Sheila doing the other 4750.


That gives enough of a basis to compare costs with the modern they've now replaced.  Over the 35000 miles we owned it our Mitsubishi Colt diesel had an overall cost of 35 pence per mile.  Betty, by contrats, is currently at 30 pence per mile (and dropping) and Sheila is lagging (again) at 41p per mile.  That's partly because of her relatively low mileage, which means that the costs of getting her to a reliable state haven't been spread as much.


Nonetheless, the overall costs averaged across the two cars works out at 33p per mile which represents a saving of £325 over the same mileage covered in the modern - with the convenience of having two cars available and the fun factor of them being classics.


Speaking of the fun factor, quite apart from being waved and smiled at on the road, they've introduced us to the joys of classic car shows.  Maybe not everyone's cup of tea on the face of it, but having an excuse to go and sit somewhere doing basically nothing all day except relax and forget the modern world has a lot to recommend it!


This year's events have already kicked off with the Anglesey Vintage show at Henblas a couple of weekends ago and we're now starting to get things ready for the Rotary Club of Lichfield's Cars in The Park event at the start of July.  That's a full weekend of camping, relaxing and general socialising for the grand cost of £10 plus fuel and food.


Cheap motoring and cheap holidays - we're starting to wonder why everyone isn't doing it!

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