Matilda the '69 Daf

  • A new arrival and an overdue update

    It's been a very long time since anything was posted here but not because of a lack of Daffing. Back in November our new arrival finally arrived!

    She's a 1966 Daf 32 Daffodil called Matilda who had been sitting in a garage since the mid 1970s after her owner died.  Less than 18000 miles on the clock and nothing but surface rust under the years of dust, grime and soot (from a garage fire next door)

    Matilda the Daf 32


    Her engine is (seriously) siezed and she needs general recommissioning work to her brakes plus some rust treatment and paint but, for the price (she was a freebie!) she's in remarkably good condition!

    We've also had to get intimate with the DVLA system for reclaiming registration numbers because she was never transferred to the DVLA system from the old Local Authority ledgers.  That's now underway and we're waiting for a Club official to come and inspect her as part of the process.  Once we have a new V5 the full process will be posted here in the hope that it might help others who need to do the same.

    One thing we're not sure about, and will be interested to find out, is whether the V5 will list us as her first registered owner (we will be the first as far as DVLA are concerned).  That would create the odd situation where I registered a car a year before I was born!

  • One seized engine!

    Matilda has a problem.

    After standing for nearly 40 years, her poor little engine is a little bit completely and utterly siezed.  It seems this has happened in the last 5 years or so, as she was started up fairly regularly until then.

    Having got her engine out, I tried soaking:

    Soaking a stuck piston in oil


    and pulling:

    Pulling bore


    and pumping grease in under pressure:

    Pumping greasde into a bore


    All that effort has moved it, so the piston is now half out of the bore:

    Piston still won't come right out!


    but it still won't come out!!!!

    The bore is (obviously) in poor condition, and I've succeeded in breaking off several cooling fins from the barrel, so the next stage is to cut & split the barrel.  Spares have been offered by a Daf Owners Club member and are awaiting delivery so, luckily, it's not a problem destroying what's on there.

    That barrel has held me up for about a month now (ok, Christmas and New Year got in the way as well) but, once that barrel's off, the engine can be properly stripped and cleaned ready to go back in.

    One more step towards returning Matilda to the road!

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