Isabel the '70 Daf

  • Is it time yet?

    For the past couple of weeks I've been getting our trailer tent ready for its first outing of the year.

    Next weekend is the Rotary Club of Lichfield's Cars in The Park 2010 event and, like last year, Betty and Sheila will be in attendance.  Unlike last year, Isabel will also be there (now that her owner has passed her test) and Sheila will be pulling our home behind us rather than having it wrapped up in her boot.

    In addition to the kitchen sink the trailer now has plumbed in 12v and 240v electricity / lighting and a fridge.  Now all I need is confidence that poor old Sheila with her bodgeneered camshaft is up to the job of getting it there and back.

    Putting that slight worry to one side, I can't help asking (about every 5 minutes)...


    Is it time yet???

  • Isabel moves out!

    Isabel's owner finally passed her driving test last Monday and so Isabel is no longer parked across the road at the mercy of every passing wing-mirror-breaking scrote. To be honest, I'm not sad to see her go.  Nothing aginst her or her owner but watching a car sit and slowly fall apart through lack of use isn't my idea of car related fun!

  • Lots going on, no time for updates


    Well, it's been a busy few months in real life so updating here seems to have taken a bit of a back seat.

    On the car front, Clarissa the Modern is going back to the dealer next Saturday so, by the end of the week, Betty and Sheila will be our only transport.  So, in a few short days, we'll finally be running classics only.  They're really all we've been using for the past 6 or 7 months so the only difference will be a little extra parking space!

    Meanwhile, Isabel the red pest is now out of MOT having thrown a few nasty surprises when I looked over her a couple of weeks ago.  Apart from the known MOT problem of a non-existant screen washer I found:

    1. A rotted out o/s/r footwell
    2. Half a rotted out o/s/f footwell
    3. An o/s/r wheel with about an inch of play
    4. An upsdie-down engine mount (not MOT but needed to be done)
    5. An exhaust blow on the hotspot pipes
    6. An exhaust blow on the o/s heat exchanger
    7. Play in the steering rack

    After several days of cursing and working out in the snow / wind / rain we've been having the only one left to sort is the heat exchanger.  Then I never want to work on her again! Unfortunately that won't be an option as her owner refuses to learn how to use a spanner and can't afford  garage bills unless they're free.

    And I seem to be the only free garage in the area!

  • Isabel gets some attention

    Over the past few days, Isabel has finally got some overdue attention.  her inner ball-joints are now nice and tight, courtesy of some careful applications of a lump-hammer, and one of her front suspension struts is back working as it should.  No jamming and no leaking.  Simples.


    The work is shown here and now all we have to do is get her owner driving without supervision!

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