Betty the '72 Daf

  • Is it time yet?

    For the past couple of weeks I've been getting our trailer tent ready for its first outing of the year.

    Next weekend is the Rotary Club of Lichfield's Cars in The Park 2010 event and, like last year, Betty and Sheila will be in attendance.  Unlike last year, Isabel will also be there (now that her owner has passed her test) and Sheila will be pulling our home behind us rather than having it wrapped up in her boot.

    In addition to the kitchen sink the trailer now has plumbed in 12v and 240v electricity / lighting and a fridge.  Now all I need is confidence that poor old Sheila with her bodgeneered camshaft is up to the job of getting it there and back.

    Putting that slight worry to one side, I can't help asking (about every 5 minutes)...


    Is it time yet???

  • Daf speedo cables, NLA

    Betty broke her speedo cable last week.  Sian doesn't like driving without one so she got a temporary bodge with a bike brake cable inner until a replacement could be found.


    Enquiries round the usual Daf suppliers confirmed that the cables are no longer available but an alternative was found in the shape of an easily obtainable VW Beetle one.  The small adaptations needed to fit it are shown on a new How-To page but the best part of the job is I can now hoestly say that I've found a use for the (much over-rated) VW Beetle - if only as a parts donor face-wink.png

  • Betty wins a prize!

    Our last outing of the local carnival season was yesterday, on a very wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday.  The event was almost rained off but we turned up anyway and tagged along at the back of the parade of Queens.


    Not long after parking up we were approached by Snow White (complete with a most un-Disney cigarette in her mouth) to ask who owned Betty and Sheila.  A few minutes later she returned with a stylish trophy for Betty and a second-place rosette for Sheila in their Classic Car judging category!



    Betty's first trophy!


    Of course it may have helped that, thanks to the weather,  only us and an old Landrover (who got third) actually turned up face-wink.png

  • Betty Gets a Ticket!

    Well, not really Betty but I was driving her at the time.  Yes, I've just received an NIP for speeding in a 1972 Daf variomatic.  I consider that quite an honour!


    Speeding ticket for a Daf!

  • Perception is everything

    At least, it is when the inlaws are concerned.  As Betty's started fraying round the edges a little they've been making increasingly obvious comments about the rust.  Now, I know it's all surface stuff but to them, rust is rust and a car with rust is a scrapper.

    So, over the past few weeks, I've been tackling some of the most obvious stuff and the end result is this:

    Front cleaned up

    Hopefully that'll keep them quiet for now!


    Meanwhile, I was browsing for stuff CVT-related and came across this on the Bosch Van-Doorne Transmissions site.  They're the current incarnation of the variomatic, directly related (thehough the Van Doorne bit) to Daf:


    Non-slip traction between the belt and pulleys enables the CVT to deliver high dynamics and power from the engine to the road. And: the sporty driver can still enjoy predefined transmission ratios, too!


    So, let me get this straight...

    You design and build a continuously variable transmission that can guarantee the engine is working in the best part of its power-band at all times - hence giving the maximum possible performance.

    You then arrange it to change between pre-defined ratios like a normal gearbox does thereby losing all of the one major benefit the system offers because "sporty" drivers want to hear traditional sounds from their engine even though this will mean a loss in performance!

    I guess "perception" doesn't only matter when dealing with the inlaws!

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