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This site started when we bought a 1972 Daf 33 as a runabout for my partner in March 2008.

Originally it was planned to chart our efforts to return the car to the road and that was about it.  Over time, a few sections were added with technical info on the car and hints on how to do some of the more obscure repairs that might be needed.  Then, in early 2009, I bought a 1969 Triumph 1300 and, in March, we got another Daf 33 as a "learn to drive" car for the teenager.

So the site had to expand!  In order to do this the old, hard-coded, pages have been replaced with a new site using the open source Jaws CMS.


Content is being transferred and added as fast as I can manage (in between the cars themselves and "real life" stuff!).  There's now even a test Dutch version of this page that you can switch to!  It's a Google Translate effort so I make no promises about its accuracy but a couple of Dutch Daf owners are going to be providing proper translations and I want to make sure the system works!

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